Proposal 0302

By: Ashton Avery, Louisiana

Delegates from across the nation gathered in the Blue Ridge Center for lunch today to enjoy a hearty lunch and social time (which mainly consisted of “darting” right outside of the BRC).  In the Dining Hall, chants broke out from various state delegations.  One of these chants from the District of Columbia resounded in our minds with the words “Barack Obama City.”

            President Obama has been hounded by the media in regards to his birth certificate, with many believing he was not native-born. If this accusation were true, it would have made him ineligible to be a presidential candidate.  To combat this pressure, President Obama later publicized his birth certificate, hoping it would quell the growing dispute.  His actions, however, were to little avail, as Donald Trump rehashed the incident earlier this year.  Since then, the president’s birthplace has lost its major media presence and hopefully, the issue will not be brought up again.

            A delegate from Texas, Donovan Hunsucker, has created Proposal 0302, which enforces the Constitutional requirement of a U.S. birth certificate in order to run for presidential elections.  His inspiration was brought about by the media coverage and gossip surrounding Obama and his birth certificate. 

            “I respect Obama. I respect him enough to help him out.” Hunsucker feels that if any presidential candidate has a real birth certificate, he should not be subject to so much gossip surrounding his birth.  Hunsucker is a Constitutionalist, feeling that the US Constitution should be strictly followed.  Hunsucker has combined his proposal to further help him pass through committees and hopefully through to Plenary Session.  Keep an eye out for Delegate Hunsucker and his co-author’s proposal.

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