Presiding Officer Profile: Joe Gipson

By Eric Storlie, Wisconsin

Joe Gipson, currently a Presiding Officer, is back for his fifth year on the Mountain this year, a large achievement in anyone’s eyes. Currently studying political science at Louisiana State University, Joe also enjoys debating CONA proposals, spending time with friends on the mountain, and vanilla and Oreo Eureka Treats
While he wouldn’t give any actual names, he stressed the importance of hard work when asked about which states might win Premier Delegation, reiterating some of the ideas brought up during devotionals. “I think it’s something that every state strives for every year, and it’s interesting to see, because it’s not only a delegate thing where the delegates do a good job, but it’s also on the paperwork side of things that premier delegation is decided.” He also said that he “wanted to remember the open-mindedness of this conference , and the responsibility we all feel to our future.”
While some might say getting a proposal passed is nearly impossible, Joe holds a cautiously optimistic view on the passing or failing of proposals. “It isn’t incredibly uncommon for a string of failures to happen in proposals, but hopefully tomorrow is a new day, and we‘ll actually get some proposals passed.”

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