Vietnam Vet, Meal Greeter Says Future President at CONA

By Eric Storlie, Wisconsin

Richard Weeks is well known by many CONA delegates as the nice man who greets everyone at every meal. He is much more than just that, though. He is a war veteran, a YMCA volunteer and a great person overall.

Born in Petersburg, Va., in 1935, Mr. Weeks was first introduced to the YMCA system through his parents. His father was a YMCA director and helped to develop the Blue Ridge system, and his mother later worked here. He was first introduced to Blue Ridge when his parents brought the family to the mountain to help in whatever way they could. After high school, Mr. Weeks spent 25 years in the military. His first action was in 1965, when he served as a helicopter pilot and mechanic for the 1st Cavalry Air Mobile. His next service was as a mechanic for the 388th Transportation Co. While Mr. Weeks did more service in Vietnam after that, he did not elaborate on that service.

Mr. Weeks and his wife have been volunteering at Blue Ridge for three years now, and Mr. Weeks has been enjoying every bit of it. He says he loves being around so many other great Americans, and specifically tries to be on the Mountain during CONA each year. He also said that he could easily see a CONA delegate becoming president some day. His only request is that if a delegate does manage to win the election, they should contact him to let him know.

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