Eureka! I’ve found it!

Ashton Avery, LA

Eureka Treats – popular, icey treats served exclusively at CONA. It is necessary to try a Eureka Treat in order to fully understand the CONA experience. You can make your own combinations between chocolate and vanilla ice cream and the various toppings the Eureka Shoppe has to offer. The toppings include Oreo, Butterfinger, Snickers, Heath, and Reese’s bits. They also have pre-made combinations based on the higher staff’s favorite mixes, the most popular being the Bobfather, the Fuzz, and the Sammy T. My personal favorite is the Bobfather, which is chocolate ice cream with Butterfinger bits. The Sammy T is vanilla ice cream with many different candy bar toppings. If you have sensitive teeth or braces, I would probably avoid this Eureka Treat. The Fuzz is chocolate ice cream with Reese’s, sprinkles, and Oreos. However, complaints have been made due to the absence of sprinkles. It has been rumored that sprinkles may be in tomorrow, but may be in short supply. I would suggest getting an early start on Eureka Treats tomorrow. Inside sources have confirmed that the Eureka Shoppe will be selling a smaller size Eureka Treat for $2.00. You should grab them while they’re…cold!

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