PO: Ryan Ray

By Jessie High, Oklahoma

2011 Presiding Officer Ryan Ray is currently attending his third year at CONA and is among the many who call this conference home. Ryan currently attends college at the University of Tennessee and will surely, along with the other POs, miss everything they’ve experienced.
Ray’s favorite proposal he’s presented would reform alcohol advertisement regulations. “I felt strongly about the topic, and it was highly debated,” he said. Meeting people from all over the country, especially those with different viewpoints “will always be the most cherished part of CONA for me,” he said.
Being a PO teaches qualities necessary to be a leader and several other values. PO Ryan is definitely no exception. Ray said, “I hope that I have grown in servant leadership, broadened my horizons and grown in confidence as a speaker.”
We all can agree that as a PO, Ray has most certainly achieved his goals.

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