CLC Works Behind the Curtains to Make Conference Work

By Kyle Denman, Ohio

Staff Writer

The Conference Life Committee (CLC) is basically a group of delegates who work behind-the-scenes in order to ensure the best experiences at CONA for their delegations. Each delegation selects one representative to attend the CLC meetings, which are led by the presiding officers of CONA.

Here, the CLC representatives discuss issues brought to their attention by their delegations. Because of this, these representatives act as the “middle men” between the delegations and presiding officers, bringing up any concerns at the conference from delegates and advisers, finding solutions to these problems and making sure the conference operates smoothly in all of its aspects.

In addition, the CLC amends the Mountain Manual for the following year, making changes it deems necessary to the manual. Resolutions and amendments to the Mountain Manual can be submitted to the delegation representatives Wednesday to be discussed by the CLC on Thursday.

While in a formal setting, the Conference Life Committee meetings have a personable atmosphere, which allows a civil discussion rather than a fiery debate to occur. The representatives carry an enormous amount of responsibility as well as unique CLC placards. Overall, the CLC acts as a stage manager, helping set up the logistics of a theatre performance, working unseen behind the velvet curtain.

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