Party MC Uses YMCA Techniques to Break Delegates out of Their Shells

Ashley Fisher, Indiana

Staff Writer

Last night, delegates from all the delegations gathered at the Ware Pavilion for a night of dancing, snacks, and socializing. The party served as a mixer and an icebreaker to get all the delegates talking to one another. Ashley Kolaya, an advisor from the Kentucky delegation, was the MC for the event and sat down with BRJ for an interview.
BRJ: What was it like to set up such a wonderful party?
Kolaya: The set up was incredibly easy because we didn’t do any of it. The CONA conference set up everything from the sound equipment to the snack. We made sure the sound was working and then let the party begin.
BRJ: How long did it take to come up with the ideas for the party?
Kolaya: Well, it didn’t take anytime because many of those things are things that we use in our own conference. They were borrowed from many of the other YMCA’s in America. We have so many creative people that come up those things, so we can share ideas and use the best that we can offer.
BRJ: Do you think that the party was a success in helping delegates with meeting other delegates and coming out of their shells?
Kolaya: I do feel like it was. I had several of my own delegates talk to many people. The CLC had great things to say about it as well as many of the delegates and advisors. You get to hear people share things about themselves as well as let down their hair and party.
For more photos from the party, check out The Blue Ridge Journal facebook page.

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