The Strange Appearance of the Toy Soldiers Explained

By Abby Rime, Minnesota

Staff Writer

Although these toy soldiers are not part of the natural surroundings, they are becoming a part due to five delegates, Paul Lisbon (Missouri), Mary Cate O’Brien (Missouri), Rachel Shanklin (Georgia), Taylor Walden (Georgia), and Tim Nwachukwu (Kentucky). These delegates have decided that trading pins and t-shirts shouldn’t be the only things you get from the mountain, so they have begun planting little toy soldiers throughout the camp.

Paul Lisbon says he thought it would be a good idea because “it’s something else fun to do, those delegates who love the nature might have something extra to find.” He also thinks it stems from his experience last year because he was always on the lookout for pins people had dropped or extra cool stuff and therefore planting these toy soldiers gives people something more to look for. This has become the CONA 2012 Scavenger Hunt (Join the group on Facebook for updates on the hunt)

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