Editorial: Naturalized Citizens Deserve Right to Run for President

By Carter Coudriet, New Jersey

Staff Writer

 If the American dream means that all citizens deserve equality and the pursuit of happiness, then how can we as a conglomeration of cultures deter these ideals? With strict parameters, a foreign-born American should be allowed to pursue this dream and serve his or her country as the president of the United States.

Most critics of this amendment say immigrants are not true Americans. If implemented, rigid requirements regarding who can seek the nation’s highest office should be formed. Since natural-born citizens are required to be 35 to run for president, to become president, immigrants should have to be naturalized U.S. citizens for 35 years. Additionally, we must guard against any citizen being strategically raised and groomed to destroy America. Any candidate should be subject to intense interrogation in regards to their citizenship, loyalty, etc.

Just because an individual may not have been born on United States soil does not detract from the love one feels for the country that gives them a better life.

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