Outlook Brightens as I Come Down the Mountain

By Rachel Persaud, Virginia

Staff Writer

Attending the Conference on National Affairs wasn’t something I wanted to do. The stress of deadlines and coming up with more ideas did not appeal to me, nor did the cost. I was not prepared to spend that amount of money for something I was not passionate about. However, after persuasion by my advisor and my mother, along with the benefit of a full ride courtesy of my school, I ended coming to CONA. This conference was not at all what I had expected. I envisioned official-looking youth attempting to shove their beliefs down their fellow delegates’ throats. I was pleasantly surprised to see how diverse and friendly everyone was. Between the chanting, the darting, and the lively interaction, I found that it was much more interesting than I had expected. I feel that the amount of friends made, opinions changed, and beliefs reinforced are incredibly impressive. To see delegates that fiercely debated in committee chat amiably on the Lee Hall porch was simply profound. My outlook on this country’s future has brightened.

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