All Religions Come Together at CONA


By: Eriech Tapia,Oklahoma

Sunday morning started off with praise and worship at the Blue Ridge Chapel. The service was comprised of all types of religions, including Christians, Hindus and many other denominations. During the 40-minute service, a group of eight delegates stepped up and helped lead worship in front of more than 150 delegates. The central theme behind the service was “we should have peace with everybody,” said Kelsey Spear of Oklahoma. Libby Wuller of Oklahoma led the group in song, while playing the guitar. Along with the guitar, Christian Conte of Florida played the mandolin during one of the songs. Wuller expressed how she loved being able to see everybody come together and worship in the same area. They sang four songs and had time for a quick devotional, which was also led by Spear. “The people here love and accept you, and that is particularly evident when we worship and pray together,” Claire Cahoon of Texas said. The YMCA has a strong Christian background and offered the service to inspire delegates of any religion. The verses read were from the Christian Bible. Along with Sunday’s service, there is a prayer before every meal in the cafeteria. “I was really excited to come, because I wasn’t able to come last year to worship service,” Arany Uthayakumar of California said. For the rest of the conference, Conference Director Bob McGaughey will lead Morning Meditation in the BRC Lobby, beginning at 7:45 AM.

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