CLC Has One Last Powerful Powwow

By Aleja Newman, TX
Staff Writer
Thursday morning was the last CLC meeting for the Conference on National Affairs of 2013. The CLC members and presiding officers (POs) spoke of many concerns and compliments throughout the week, but this meeting was to seal the deal on any changes. The CLC was asked to submit any desired changes to the Mountain Manual for this morning’s meeting so they could be discussed and voted on. A proposal needed a four-fifths majority vote to pass. The first CLC to speak was Peter Dudziak from Minnesota. Dudziak suggested the word “only” be inserted before the word “Pro” that on Page 9; Section VI.  A.5.d.iii. Dudziak brought to light that there can be confusion between delegates and a clarification could prevent any future misperceptions. The author only had one minute to present and pro/com speakers only had thirty seconds. There wasn’t any opposition to this proposal, and Amber Stull from Indiana agreed that this proposal would clear up concerns. Another proposal that was passed recommended that when delegates have an audible vote they should stand as well; and if the chair decides that a division is needed he or she may do so. It was a shock when PO Ed Sharood spoke pro for the proposal. Sharood said that it would make voting more clear and accurate. This method could also save time. Other topics discussed, but not passed, were bringing back debatability and adding creativity to the rubric of how proposals are scored. Debatability was brought up by Erin Agnew of Pennslyvania.  Agnew asked that debatability be brought back because “that’s what this conference is about” and debate makes the conference fun. However, Rowan Reid of KY, stated that the delegate should be seen for their merit. Creativity was suggested to replace originality by Jen Mandelblatt, MUN, so that delegates are rated on their suggestions rather than the main idea of the proposal. In spite of this optimistic suggestion, Keagan Phares, OK, spoke con and stated that creativity is “vague” and that peoplehave many different interpretations. Even though these some proposals passed, they still need to be reviewed by the Planning Committee, so we will all have to wait in anticipation for the 2014 Mountain Manual.

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