Governor’s Convention Prepares Officers for Leadership

Kacey Reeves, TX

Staff Writer


The rising student leadership of Youth and Government gathered mid-June in the Nation’s Capitol for the annual Youth Governor’s Convention. States sent a combination of governors, lieutenant governors, and secretary generals to represent their delegations.

The convention focuses on conveying the importance of advocacy and networking as well as preparing the officers to run their future state conferences. “It helps you build the character that you already have.” Zaverie Harris, former Texas Youth Governor, said.

The sessions stressed the officers to realize the importance of demonstrating respect and compassion to all delegates.

“The conference showed me how to systematically and genuinely care for other people. It really hit home that leadership isn’t just about changing the world but that on a daily level it’s about caring for others,” Luke Davis, rising Oklahoma Youth Governor, said.

The five-day convention allowed the officers to bond together and form lasting friendships. “One of my favorite memories was when I realized that all of us were equals,” Andre Glosson, rising Washington DC Mayor, said.

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