A Full Day of Pride: Delegate Relives SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling

By Jack Densmore, TX
Staff Writer
11707578_1005503136127750_4224058850994042521_n (1)
Bertucci, right, and a fellow supporter celebrate marriage equality in DC.

Joy. Joy of feeling equal. Joy that is equally measured by pride. Pride in being oneself. Pride in being equal. Pride in being able to see history take place.

Pride and joy is what Michigan Gov. Dominic Bertucci felt when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. After many debates and many arguments throughout the years, history was made for an entire generation to see. Bertucci happened to stand where this history took place.

“I was (glad to be there),” Bertucci said. “It was historic. This is a really proud and happy moment, and I am so happy I was able to be there.”
Outside of the Supreme Court, supporters of same-sex marriage gathered around. The Michigan delegation took a trip to the Supreme Court before coming to CONA.
“It was indescribable,” Bertucci said. “There were so many people who were just so happy, and there was such an energy around us that I can’t even describe. … I had such a connection with everybody even though we were complete and total strangers.”
For years, same-sex marriage supporters have waited for marriage rights. Friday, they finally got their wish, and a flurry of profile pictures on Facebook were changed to have rainbow effects in support of equality.
“It was definitely overdue,” Bertucci said. “I’m happy it came now better late than never.” With any topic there is always opposition, and there are those who put people down because of who they are. For Bertucci, the opposition never affected him.
“There were always people who had bad things to say, but they were always irrelevant,” Bertucci said. “I blew them off, it didn’t matter much to me.”
Now any couple can marry who they want, and Bertucci has been greatly impacted by the decision.
“It had and will continue to have a pretty big impact, and being there made it all the more a big deal,” Bertucci said. “Now everyone has the freedom to marry whom they choose.”
In the end, the United States has made a huge decision. Bertucci, and many others have said that this is a proud moment for the country.
“I feel all around great,” Bertucci said. “It’s such a proud and happy moment for our country. Couples now have the right to marry, and that’s a right that they’ve been waiting for.”

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