Natasha Melon Interview


By Ashley Hatch, CO

Presiding Officer Natasha Menon got her start in Youth and Government through speech and debate program at her school. She started YAG her sophomore year after hearing raves about the program from her adviser. Menon absolutely adores policy, so of course Youth and Government was the perfect fit for her.

For Menon, the best part of CONA is meeting all of the amazing people and forging lifelong friendships. She urges delegates to start conversations, sit at new table and even share an umbrella in the rain, because it can start a conversation. Menon said while she was a delegate, she always sat at a different table at lunch time and now keeps in contact with friends she has made over the years. As a PO, her goal is to help delegates have as amazing of a time as she had on the Mountain. For her the Blue Ridge Spirit is seeing delegates interact with each other and become friends with someone from a completely different state. The magic occurs when delegates are able to find common ground and later eat dinner, sit on the porch or do something together to make their friendship a lasting one, she said.
Menon is studying philosophy, politics and economics and the University of Pennsylvania. In the future Menon hopes to go to law school and become a lawyer. Later her dream is to run for public office.

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