Sleep and How to Do It

By: Julia Hartlep

Matthew Toren/Entrepreneur, National Sleep Foundation

Although CONA has just gotten started, we’re all feeling the effects. Many delegates got 2-5 hours (or less) of sleep these past couple of nights. This could be for many reasons, including stress, excitement, and the tight schedule. Even though there’s no way to get out of these, there are a few management tips!

  • Stay focused on why you’re here! If you stay engaged and attentive, you’re less likely to feel the fatigue.
  • Even though meeting people is important, don’t be afraid to take some time to yourself- everyone needs a little time to recharge. This will help you calm down and settle your mind as well.
  • Even though it’s hot and humid, motion will help keep you awake as well. Again, it helps you stay engaged in life.
  • Carbs will often make you feel more tired than you actually are- and sugar, though a short booster- will definitely make you feel worse in the long run. Keep this in mind if you’re feeling especially out of it at meals.
  • By improved the quality, not quantity, of sleep, you will feel more rested when you wake up. Ways to do this include staying off of your phone, keeping the lights low, and stretching before you go to bed. Check out the infographic above!
  • You can find more info about these tips- and more- at Healthline.

When you’re not well-rested, you tend to be more irritable and high-strung. Keep this in mind, especially when around opposing proposals, make sure to be respectful to each and every person you meet, and embody the Blue Ridge Spirit.

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