Cabin Renovations

By: Madison Kelsh and Thomas Valenzuela

Photos by: Julia Hartlep

Early Sunday morning, the CEO Melissa Logan announced in an exclusive interview with the Blue Ridge Journal that the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly has planned and approved an $8 million plan to update some cabins on campus.

The cabins are located on the East side of Eureka Hall, called Cottage Circle. Cottage Circle was built in the early 1900s and is going to be torn down and rebuilt into a 10-bedroom lodge. Melissa says that the goal is to focus on bringing youth and family units closer together by providing space for larger groups. She told us that “it creates a great path for small families to stay on the poolside and then move over to our large cabins, and then move into our lodges”. Logan explained how the timeline for construction is planned to begin after CONA to prevent conflict. “We don’t want to disrupt too much of our campus at one time. Because when CONA is here we want to have all of the facilities and no construction going on.”

These major renovations come with a large price tag of $8 million. So far only $1.8 million has been raised yet more donations are expected. When a new milestone of fundraising is reached, a new phase of construction will begin. Each lodge will have 10 bedrooms, a kitchen, common living room, and dining areas. This project has a personal meaning for Melissa Logan.

“I am very excited about it. I think that any time BR can grow its impact for families and for young people, that is tremendous.  Blue Ridge had such an impact on my life at a young age, and so for us to be able to give that forward is incredible.” It is expected that delegates will be able to stay in some of the new lodges during next year’s conference. 

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