The Unified Carolinas

By: Caroline Bell

Photos by: Caroline Bell

Last year on the mountain, the delegations, North Carolina and South Carolina, met in the Region Room to sign a treaty and become unified. Throughout General Assembly and Plenary the delegates left behind their titles of North Carolina and South Carolina and became “The Unified State of Carolina”. 

This year, at 8:30 Wednesday morning in the West Room, the delegations came together once more to unify the states. The treaty states, “There will be constant peace and firm and lasting unification between the delegations of North Carolina and South Carolina, from July 3rd through July 4th, 2019.” The treaty only lasts until the end of the conference- that way if North Carolina and South Carolina decided to continue the treaty signing in coming years they are able to do so. Furthermore, the treaty states that North and South Carolina “shall make it a common cause to aid each other mutually with their good offices and counsels.” Once they signed the treaty, the governor and speaker shook hands and went to their respective GA rooms. 

Pearce Lewis, the North Carolina 2020 Youth Governor, says, “It was an incredible experience to see two delegations one together in harmony. The state pride was amazing and I am proud to be part of The Unified State of Carolina!”

Patricio Ortiz, the South Carolina 2020 Youth Speaker, stated, “The experience of unifying two individual and unique delegations under the common cause of the Carolinas in truly remarkable and highlights the importance of collaboration at CONA.” 

Despite the wonderful unification process this morning and the friendships that have been developed, the awards committee stated that they wanted to make sure that the delegates are specifying their state. It was said in a group on GroupMe that “committees are having a difficult time when they gave random nicknames or unified state of Carolina.” Therefore, for the purpose of GA and Plenary, North Carolina and South Carolina must remain individualized. However that doesn’t stop the unification of the delegations in our hearts. North Carolina and South Carolina will always have an undeniable bond when on and off the mountain. 

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