MUN: Five States, One Delegation, One Goal

By: Alissa Zhao

Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Model United Nations (MUN) — one of these delegation names is not like the others. Most delegates come to CONA representing their home state but when that does not hold true for every delegate, questions arise. This week, we sat down with Jordan Spector, CLC of the MUN delegation, to find some answers.

Q: Who is eligible to join the MUN delegation?

A: Model United Nations delegation consists of delegates from five states (Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey) making for a conference of approximately 2,000 students. During the conference, staff observes the students and ultimately selects 21 students who they believe would best represent the values of Model UN at CONA.

Q: What is the difference between being a member of the MUN delegation versus simply representing your state?

A: As a member of the MUN delegation, you represent more than just your state, you represent a conference made up of delegates beyond just those from your state. Along with the values of the YMCA, they also have the 17 United Nations Global Initiative Goals to keep in mind while approaching the Conference. They can have their own opinions but just as any other delegate has their state values in mind, UN delegates are encouraged to uphold the values and make national International changes that advance the goals of the UN.

Q: What is the goal behind putting together a conference across all five States?

A: The goal was to expand the impact of Model UN and create an environment of diverse individuals with various backgrounds and opinions. Other states do hold Model UN conferences but with the initiative to expand our outreach in mind, our Model UN conference has grown into the largest in the country. Since we are so large, it also gives us the opportunity to be acknowledged as an individual delegation at CONA. 

Q: Can a delegate be eligible for both the Model UN delegation and their state delegation?

A: I don’t know how it works for other states, but as someone from New Jersey, I’m quite positive that if you were accepted at MUN you are not eligible to be selected for the New Jersey delegation.

Q: In past years how did the MUN delegation meet for things like a local delegation meeting? 

A: We would collaborate through Google Docs and would communicate through delegation phone calls, emails, and our GroupMe! (pretty similar to how we’ve been communicating this year)

Q: How long has this delegation been around?

A: I spoke to my trip advisor, our Model UN program is 49 years old and is one of the oldest delegations to attend CONA. He says he knows we have been on The Mountain at least 25 plus years and probably more. It’s one of the original from when the Conference moved from being Regional to National 

Q: What is the most special tradition the MUN delegation has? 

A: One of our special Traditions is plate awards. At the end of the conference, the senior delegates write special awards to the other delegates on paper plates and then give them out. In previous years I have gotten the Spectre award and the Telescope award, they come with cute meaningful explanations. The Spectre award was because my roommate and I had a joke about there being a ghost in our room and my last name is Spectre. The Telescope award was given to me as a freshman with the kind exclamation that I had a bright future and a telescope was a symbol of looking into the future and up at the stars.