Your CONA Caffeine Choices: What Do They Say About You?

 By: Dakota Rains, Arizona Delegation 

As our week on The Mountain continues, it has become more and more apparent that our days are long and we all need a pick-me-up to get through. With endless options of caffeinated beverages on the market, you can truly figure out a great deal about someone’s personality through the beverage they choose. I am here to do just that. 

Delegates line up for coffee in the Blue Ridge Center

Iced Coffee 

You are a fan of the simple things, there is never a bad time to consume an iced coffee so you probably consume it quite often. A major part of your CONA experience is filled with constantly running to Starbucks in the BRC. The most pressing question for you is, “how is your bank account doing?” Yes, that is a hypothetical, we all know it’s not doing too good with all the purchasing happening up there. 

Cold Brew 

Yes, this is technically considered a form of iced coffee but if you solely drink this you are a different breed. Due to the espresso running in your system, you are always ready to speak in debate and eager for free time so you can burn all of your built up energy. Extra points are given if you top it off with cold foam, it adds spice to your life. 

Hot Coffee

Major question: how are you drinking hot coffee in this humidity? In all seriousness though, you strive for an aesthetic filled with sophistication. Although your taste in coffee is quite plain, you know what you like and that is something all of us here can get behind. 


You are young at heart! This chilled drink allows you to fulfill your caffeine needs without going too crazy. Your CONA experience has probably been filled with constant, fun-filled adventures and conversations. The only thing that you may be judged for is if you had a unicorn frappuccino phase in 2016, it’s okay we have all been there. 

Hot Tea

You have been drinking this as a way to soothe your throat from the constant chanting, haven’t you? Drinking hot tea is the perfect way to establish an aesthetic for the rainy days here on the mountain. You receive extra props if it’s green tea due to your amazing taste! 

Iced Tea

Hello to all of our southern delegates! Whether it is sweet or unsweet, your taste is subtle and simple just like your CONA experience. You have spent your time here on The Mountain simply soaking everything in and taking time to appreciate the nature around us. The simplicity of it all is truly admirable. 

Chai Tea 

Blazers are probably your go-to fashion staple for this conference, and you were more than excited to see the BRC cafe so you can get your daily fix of iced chai with cinnamon. This choice means that you need caffeine in the least harsh way imaginable. A simple pick-me-up in the morning is all you need to do your absolute best in committees. 


This is an odd choice but the respect is still there. Due to the endless array of choices, it can be assumed that you rarely get bored and enjoy constant decision making. This could be why youth and government is so perfect for you, there are so many decisions to be made and an endless array of opportunities. 

Monster Energy 

You are taking the cans on your trip home for your collection aren’t you? This is a solid choice but for your own good, please stop drinking 3 a day. Constantly climbing the mountain while running off 3 monsters cannot be good for your health. 

Bang Energy 

This one is for all the “gym bros”! You are most definitely enjoying your time here on the mountain due to the constant climbing uphill and endless array of staircases. There is no way you can skip leg day here! We all have one question for you though, what is the thought process behind consuming a drink constantly used as pre-workout to get through committees? 


Many people stereotype celsius drinkers as “granola girlies” but the honest opinion is that you all strive for efficiency paired with mild tastes.This can be shown through your CONA fashion choices as well. Please don’t use these as a replacement for water though, you cannot hike after living off of celsius.


You bought multiple 4-packs from Ingles on the way here, didnt you? You are currently off the walls in the best way possible due to showing up to every single breakfast with one of these in your hand. No matter what, there is so much love for you, your energy, and your constant “go, go, go”! 

No Caffeine

There is so much respect for you but please tell us all your secret to making it through the day without caffeine. Is it a full night of sleep? Is it naps during free time? Is it magic? Please let us know! 

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