Media: The Forgotten Branch

By-Naysah Mbarushimana, Pennslyvania Delegation

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Youth & Government is most likely youth within/participating in government, right? Obviously, within government, there is both the House of Representatives and the Senate. They debate bills and are essential to the government most of us are used to. As important as that may seem, they’re nothing without media. Media gets the information and gets it out to everybody else. It gives publicity, both wanted and unwanted, to important issues that need it. Media can be one’s best friend and worst nightmare all wrapped in a nice big bow. However, media isn’t just one conglomerate, instead, it is several branches that come together to be known collectively as media.

Today, social media pretty much dictates our lives. Social media posts can look like so much fun or very easy when they are anything but. From the outside, all of the posts just look like really nice pictures or cute little challenges. It’s nice to see the final outcome, but (with the exception of media delegates) knows what really went into that post. No one sees the time it took to pick the right template. It’s not as easy as simply choosing any ordinary template. You have to choose what’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye and something that will make people want to look at a post. They spend hours editing and listening to delegates go on and on knowing they will have to edit out half of it.  

There are also amazing writers. They spend hours upon hours creating passionate as well as funny pieces. Each blog topic is chosen by the media delegate who wrote it. These blogs are carefully crafted in hopes of touching readers and really engaging them in topics that affect each and every one of us in Youth & Government. Also, there are lots of current events that are covered and are used to give insight as to how problematic or helpful may be. Sometimes, they’re even combined with podcasts that allow for interviews.

Podcasts are one of the best ways for delegates to hear other delegates. The topics can be kind of heavy, but it is important that they are recognized. Also, podcasts include fun little segments that give the brain a break from several long hours in either freezing or sweltering committee rooms. The media delegates spend their time running from room to room in an attempt to catch someone’s proposal or opinion. Media do everything all for the entertainment and information for others.

Now for the branch of media everyone has been waiting for: broadcasting! The acclaimed Blue Ridge Journal Broadcast has received so much praise. The amount of editing and time-consciousness exhibited allows the end result to be fantastic. What are ten takes and four hours of editing, if the final product looks wonderful?

Despite sometimes feeling forgotten, we truly love what we do. On behalf of all of the media branch, thank you so much for the support, for listening to our podcasts and broadcasts, and for reading all of our blogs. Also, shoutout to everyone who followed our socials! We didn’t forget about you. Anyway, next time when viewing any of the media, think about all of the time and effort that goes into the pieces that are cranked out.


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