The Foolproof Guide to Overcoming Post CONA Sadness

By: Dakota Rains, Arizona Delegation

As we wrap up this amazing week on The Mountain, we are all aware that the post CONA sadness will creep up as soon as we start our travels home. There is no denying that this week goes by way too fast and you start to miss it the minute you pack your suitcase on the bus. This is exactly why your trusty media team is here to bring you “The Foolproof Guide to Overcoming Post CONA Sadness”. 

  • Reread, Rewatch, and Relisten to everything that The Blue Ridge Journal team has worked on this week! Our broadcasts, podcasts, blog stories, and social media posts will always be available for your enjoyment! Journalism is timeless, and can act as a time capsule for you to look back on for many years to come! 
  • Contact all of your new Youth and Government friends! We are all in this together and the chances are that they are missing CONA just as much as you are. 
  • Tell your friends and family all about this week! Looking back on and talking about all the memories you have shared will put a smile on your face no matter what!
  • Take a nap and recharge! All the caffeine you consumed this week can only help you so much, before you jump back into your “at-home” routine, make sure to take care of yourself and decompress. 
  • Admire your pin collection! These pins and lanyards are the perfect keepsakes to help remind you of the people you met, the delegations you admired, and the insanity of this year’s pin trading scenarios. These pins hold so many amazing memories and will forever be items that will immediately put a smile on your face. 
  • Start preparing for next year! CONA ending can be upsetting but don’t worry, you have so much to look forward to! If you are a graduated senior, find out ways to volunteer in your state Youth and Government programs! 

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